Digital technology helps cattle graziers manage livestock

James Cook University, CSIRO and QUT

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Farm Table says:

Interesting article on emerging cattle management software 'The Digital Homestead' through the use of satellite technology, solar energy and remote traceability that has the potential to increase profits and lower inputs.

This article discusses how digital technology can help cattle graziers manage livestock through research project ‘The Digital Homestead’.

Key points were as follows:

  • The digital homestead project was created to assist producers effectively manage large scale cattle properties by creating technology that essentially reduces input costs and increases profitability.
  • One aspect of the technology assisting producers is a walk over weighing system that provides daily weights of livestock and transmits this information through to the digital homestead dashboard that can then be correlated with other elements to help make more informed management decisions.
  • Other technologies include tracking collars to enable viewing of cattle locations, monitor cattle behaviour patterns as well as satellite technology to assist producers with grazing performance and pasture performance.
  • To view the YouTube video on The Digital Homestead, click here.


2016 - Australia - James Cook University, CSIRO and QUT
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