Does incorporating lime boost fertiliser response?

Craig Scanlan, DPIRD - GRDC

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Farm Table says:

The trials discussed in this video investigate links between soils, seasons and crop nutrition in WA.  Worth the 3 minutes to learn more about what they have discovered.

This video was recorded at the More Profit from Crop Nutrition II meeting in Sydney, 2017.

The key points covered include:

  • Does addressing soil constraints change crop nutrition requirements?
  • The focus is how incorporating lime affects yield response to fertilisers.
  • Soil mixing to treat water repellent soils is also explored.

DAFWA researcher (and presenter) Craig Scanlan runs field trials in central and northern WA. The trials investigate links between soils, seasons and crop nutrition.

The soils at the research sites are Tenosols and Kurosols. All sites had soil phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) levels above critical ranges.

2017 - Australia - Craig Scanlan, DPIRD - GRDC
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