Double cropping with Viand BR (YRM70) into standing wheat stubble

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Type: Research Paper
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Farm Table says:

An interesting case study that provides an operational calendar with key dates for practical application if interested.

This resource presents the following case study:

  • Peter and Renee Burke
  • Previously double cropped rice with a winter crop with success
  • Decided to drill sow Viand into a wheat stubble

Why did they decide to direct sow into wheat stubble?

  1. 100mm of rain in early December provided an ideal seed bed with moisture
  2. The availability of excess water due to savings from switching his main rice program from dry broadcast to drill sown
  3. The availability of the short season variety Viand. The wheat harvest was not complete till early December – outside the recommended sowing window for Sherpa.
  4. Peter decided not to grow the premium variety YRK5 because he was concerned about lodging issues with a late harvest considering the large area he had to harvest and the late sowing date.
  5. Drill sowing direct into wheat stubble required less preparation work. Traditionally when he dry broadcast seed after canola he has had to work the paddock a couple of times to remove the trash.
  6. The availability of a spare irrigation outlet

What were the results?

2018 - Australia - AgriFutures Australia
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