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Here we round up articles that discuss drought and climate change; the past, present and future.
  • Looking at soil

    To predict droughts, don’t look at the skies. Look in the soil… from space (Siyuan Tian, Albet Van Dijk, The Conversation, January 29 2019) Scientists and governments alike have been looking for ways to measure drought in a way that relates more closely to its impacts. Any farmer or gardener can
  • Climate change report

    Climate change report finds droughts conditions to continue (Taylor Jurd, Western Magazine, 15 November 2018) On Tuesday, November 13, the ‘Deluge and Drought: Australia’s Water Security in a Changing Climate’ report was released revealing the nation’s water security has been significantly influenced by climate change.
  • Deluge and Drought

    Deluge and Drought: Climate Council issues grim warning on looming water security crisis (ABC, 13 November 2018) The Climate Council has released a new report linking climate change with worsening droughts, including the current one, extreme weather events such as bushfires and floods, and identifying water security as a source
  • This Drought is Different

    ‘This drought is different’: it’s drier and hotter – and getting worse (Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian, 4 October 2018) Schmidt has lived through many droughts but it’s the big ones he remembers – 1958, 1965, 1983. While southern Australia suffered through the Millennium drought during the noughties, up in the
  • What farmers think of climate change

    What farmers think of climate change (Sheridan Stewart, ABC, 3 September 2018) Drive’s Alex Easton spoke to three high-profile farmers. Two are graziers and mayors of their respective communities and have each spent the past five years grappling with drought. The third is an irrigator and cotton grower who has
  • Call for Climate Action

    Drought Crisis – Farmers call for Climate Action (Rod Quinn, ABC, 1 September 2018) Rod Quinn with farmer Verity Morgan-Schmidt, also chief executive of Farmers for Climate Action, on why ‘drought recovery’ won’t be achieved if we don’t acknowledge climate change is a major driver of drought.  
  • Do job on climate change

    If you’re talking about drought but not climate change, you’re not doing your job, PM (Greg Jerico, The Guardian, 30 August 2018) There is perhaps more romance with agriculture as an industry than any other. There is the nostalgia of the nation riding on the sheep’s back and Clancy of
  • Too big for leaders

    Issue has proved too big for run of Australian leaders (John Hewson, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 August 2018) Climate policy has now proved a defining element in the demise of a run of Australian political leaders, from John Howard through to Malcolm Turnbull.
  • National Strategy Needed

    Climate change making drought worse, farmers’ federation chief says (Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian, 29 August 2018) Fiona Simson says people have been tiptoeing around the subject for too long and it is time for a national strategy
  • World War III

    Climate change is World War III, and we are leaderless (David Shearman, ABC News, 28 August 2018) RELATED STORY: Opinion: Rising seas will displace millions of people — and Australia must be ready RELATED STORY: Opinion: The NEG is about more than power prices and coal plants “World War III is well
  • No appetite

    ‘No real appetite’: former farmers chief lashes ministers over climate link to drought (Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian, 28 August 2018) The former president of the National Farmers’ Federation, Brent Finlay, has accused politicians of “jumping in front of the cameras” while shirking effective policy work on drought and climate change.
  • New PM evades link

    PM Scott Morrison evades climate change link to drought (Nine News, 27 August 2018) Scott Morrison won’t say if human-induced climate change is associated with the drought in Queensland and NSW because it doesn’t help solve practical problems.
  • Dropping emissions policy

    Australia is devastated by drought, yet it won’t budge on climate change (Angela Dewan, CNN, 22 August 2018) Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday committed 1.8 billion Australian dollars ($1.3 billion) in relief funds for farmers, whose livelihoods are disappearing down the cracks of their dry, barren land. The very
  • Global Opinion

    Australia struggles with a devastating drought while the government ignores climate change (Richard Glover, The Washington Post, 14 August 2018) But this time around, though, there’s a whiff of politics. It seems to be a way of emphasizing that Australia has always been prone to drought. In other words: Don’t
  • A message to the government

    You can’t help farmers if you won’t tackle climate change, farmer tells government (Ben Potter, Financial Review, 13 August 2018) Peter Mailler, a third-generation grain and cattle grower who sent pregnant cows for slaughter this week because he can’t feed them all, has a message from drought-stricken northern NSW to
  • Climate Vultures

    CLIMATE VULTURES PREY ON THE NSW DROUGHT (Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, 9 August 2018) THE drought in New South Wales has been terrible, and here they come — flap, flap, flap — the global warming vultures to feed on the disaster. Sadly, the Chief Vulture is our Prime Minister, frightening
  • Turnbull on climate change

    Malcolm Turnbull says climate change contributing to drought (Matt Coughlan and Daniel McCulloch, The New Daily, 7 August 2018) Malcolm Turnbull says climate change helps cause droughts, dismissing suggestions from Barnaby Joyce that Australia abandon global emissions reduction targets because they won’t immediately help farmers.
  • Doesn’t ‘give a rats’

    Agriculture minister David Littleproud says he doesn’t ‘give a rats’ whether climate change is man-made (Ben Graham,, 7 August 2018) WHILE large swathes of Australia endure the worst drought on record — prompting bankruptcy, desperation and suicide — our agriculture minister has refused to acknowledge climate change has any
  • Enough on climate inaction

    Drought: On climate inaction, it is time to say enough (The Age, 6 August 2018) The implication is that the current drought may be the worst ever, but we can expect it to become the norm.
  • Barnaby: Policy won’t help

    Climate policy won’t help farmers, says Barnaby Joyce (Rachel Baxendale, The Australian, 6 August 2018) Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce says Australian climate change policy will have make no difference to the global climate and won’t help farmers battling drought.
  • We knew it was coming

    A drought we knew was coming (The Canberra Times, 5 August 2018) During crises, people have an understandable tendency to ignore the perspective of history. The current drought is, for now at least, less intense than the “millennium drought” experienced across a larger area of Australia just last decade.  
  • Harder hearts

    As a drought takes hold, what is the best plan for Australia’s farms? (Jessica Irvine and Peter Hannam, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August 2018) But amid increasing evidence of climate change effects, some harder hearts are beginning to question the near-term viability of many farms, along with the wisdom of
  • Farmers want action

    Greens Justin Field says farmers want action on climate change amid drought (Jamieson Murphy, The Northern Daily Leader, 23 August 2018) WITH the state battling the worst drought it’s seen in decades, more and more farmers want action on climate change, Greens politician Justin Field says. Speaking with farmers from across
  • It’s complicated

    Is Australia’s current drought caused by climate change? It’s complicated (Ivan McDonnell, The Conversation, 8 June 2018) Turnbull said that farmers need to “build resilience” as rainfall “appears to be getting more variable”. This prompted former Nationals leader John Anderson to warn against “politicising” the drought by invoking climate change. This in turn was followed
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