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Where do successive Australian Government's stand on drought policy? What work needs to be done? We round up news articles relating to drought policy here.
  • Federal budget

    Federal Budget contains drought support, trade assistance and disaster relief for farmers (ABC Rural, 2 April 2019) Billions of dollars will be allocated to natural disaster response as part of the 2019-20 Budget, and farmers can expect a boost to drought support and foreign market access — but there will
  • Divert water from Qld

    Joyce drought ideas include diverting water from Qld: forum (Carolyn Millet, Namoi Valley Independent, February 28, 2019) Creating visionary water storage and transmission schemes, simplifying applications for help, setting up centralised fodder points and underwriting crops were some of the ideas floated at a drought forum on Wednesday.
  • Future Drought Fund not backed

    Opposition won’t back PM’s Future Drought Fund (Kath Sullivan, ABC Rural, 13 February 2019) The Opposition will not back legislation to establish the Coalition’s Future Drought Fund, labelling it a “Nationals slush fund”. Instead Labor says it would fund a drought response through a different funding model, if elected.
  • Dry Drought PM

    Enthusiasm for the ‘Drought PM’ drying up (Mike Foley, Belligen Courier, 14 December 2018) The Prime Minister’s plans to make drought reform a selling point for his administration are falling flat. Scott Morrison’s drought achievements were criticised following Wednesday’s Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting.
  • ‘Quick and dirty’

    PM’s ‘quick and dirty’ drought policy fix (Mike Foley, Western Magazine, 29 November 2018) Farmers had high hopes for policy reform leading in to the Prime Minister’s Drought Summit in Canberra last month, but a leading drought policy expert says the agenda for upcoming drought stakeholder meetings is a watered-down version of old policy rhetoric.
  • Drought Fund Bill

    Drought Fund bill introduced to parliament (SBS News, 28 November 2018) The federal government’s plan to set up a $5 billion fund to help farmers with future droughts has reached parliament. The Future Drought Fund was the key announcement from last month’s national drought summit in Canberra and is to
  • Details yet to be decided

    Drought: a choice between sympathy or lasting help (Ross Gittins, Sydney Morning Herald, 31 October 2018) Not so our tireless Prime Minister. Scott Morrison’s put the drought at the top of his to-do list of problems to be sorted before the election. And having fixed high electricity prices earlier in
  • Policies to address drought

    What’s being done about the drought (news.com.au, 26 October 2018) The federal government has announced a range of measures to tackle the drought, including a $5 billion future fund.
  • Past short-term solutions

    We must look past short-term drought solutions and improve the land itself (David Lindenmayer & Michelle Young, The Conversation, 24 October 2018) Our research has found that helping farmers improve the rivers, dams, native vegetation and trees on their land increases productivity, the resilience of the land to drought, and through this the health and well-being
  • Drought relief dilemma

    Helping farmers in distress doesn’t help them be the best: the drought relief dilemma (Neal Hughes, Steve Hatfield-Dodds, The Conversation, 23 October 2018) While there appears to be overwhelming public support for helping farmers through drought, concerns have been raised by economists as well as farmer representatives – including both the former and current head of the National Farmers’ Federation.
  • Finance Taskforce

    Government launches Drought Finance Taskforce (Charbel Kadib, Mortgage Business, 11 October 2018) The federal government has launched a taskforce designed to foster cooperation between the government and the banking sector to provide relief to drought-affected farmers.
  • Four Corners

    The drought: ​Acknowledge, and act on, climate change (Various, The Age, 3 October 2018) Farmers need to change tack. Do not wait for rain; we are in the midst of a severe drought. Get rid of hoofed animals. Plant trees. Become a vegan.
  • Broken drought policy

    Drought policy is always fraught, but farmers say it’s broken (Michael Brissenden, Four Corners, 1 October 2018) What we’ve been left with, he says, is a series of ad hoc state and federal welfare measures and subsidies but there is no long-term view.
  • Drought review long-term lens

    RAPAD wants drought review to look at long-term job creation (Sally Cripps, Queensland Country Life,  24 September 2018) “Don’t just give us a million dollars and say, see you later – get us building fences, killing weeds and making roads.”
  • Departing from agreed

    Drought gap: NSW “departing” from nationally agreed support measures (Peter Hunt, Weekly Times, 19 September 2018) POLITICS has more to do with triggering state-based drought support than lack of rain, say NSW and Victorian farmers.
  • Urgent nationwide rethink

    Drought policy – why an urgent nationwide rethink is needed (James Nason, Beef Central, 17 September 2018) In this contributed opinion article Roma farmer Charles Nason outlines how decades of strategic thinking on drought policy have been alarmingly overlooked or ignored and outlines why drought policy must be seen as
  • Government response flawed

    Drought recovery needs a better approach in Queensland (Robbie Katter, North West Star, 8 September 2018) Agriculture is a different type of industry to urban industry and has to be treated as such. Hand outs and grants are welcome but are not a mature approach. A Rural Development Bank is
  • Questioning the future

    The land falls silent: Australian farmers battle life without rain (Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian, 3 September 2018) While most Australian farmers prepare for drought, the latest dry in the eastern states is lingering on and most have eaten through their reserves; of fodder, cash and patience. In a normal year,
  • Billions wasted

    Billions wasted on drought aid that’s not helping those who need it most (The New Daily, Michael Pascoe, 31 August 2018) Wealthy people are stuffing their kitchen cupboards with donated goods and their sheds with free hay while animal welfare is being ignored and low-paid rural workers go without favours.
  • Overhaul policy

    Drought policy reform should focus on preparing for drier climate, farmers say (Marty McCarthy, ABC News, 30 August 2018) The agriculture sector is calling for an overhaul of drought policy that factors in a changing climate and ways to help farmers plan for and manage future dry periods. Farmers have
  • Band aid or farm aid?

    Farmers question drought policy: more band aid than farm aid? (Marty McCarthy, ABC, 30 August 2018) With the drought worsening, the Federal Government is under pressure to help farmers in crisis. But many farmers are worried that the government’s policy is wrong. What they want to see is a long
  • National Strategy Needed

    Climate change making drought worse, farmers’ federation chief says (Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian, 29 August 2018) Fiona Simson says people have been tiptoeing around the subject for too long and it is time for a national strategy
  • Too big for leaders

    Issue has proved too big for run of Australian leaders (John Hewson, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 August 2018) Climate policy has now proved a defining element in the demise of a run of Australian political leaders, from John Howard through to Malcolm Turnbull.
  • 1992 Drought Policy

    Littleproud welcomes NFF vision; comments on drought policy (Mirage News, 29 August 2018) It’s necessary to give further context to some discussion around Australia’s drought policy especially given recent media reporting and social media discussion. “Australia has had a drought policy which reaches across all governments since 1992,” Minister Littleproud
  • No appetite

    ‘No real appetite’: former farmers chief lashes ministers over climate link to drought (Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian, 28 August 2018) The former president of the National Farmers’ Federation, Brent Finlay, has accused politicians of “jumping in front of the cameras” while shirking effective policy work on drought and climate change.
  • Flawed financial response

    Top government adviser blasts Australia’s flawed financial response to drought (Eryk Bagshaw, Sydney Morning Herald, 28 August 2018) A top government adviser has blasted Australia’s response to drought, saying billions of dollars have been wasted in taxpayer-funded rescue packages that do not help farmers. In a warning to Prime Minister
  • Qld Action

    Finally, action to plan for future droughts (Domanii Cameron, The Observer, 26 August 2018) AN INDEPENDENT panel will review the State Government’s drought program for the first time since the early 1990s.
  • Qld review before next dry

    Queensland’s Drought Program to be reviewed ahead of next big dry (My Sunshine Coast, 26 August 2018) The Palaszczuk Government has commissioned a review of the Drought Program, to improve resilience and assistance for farmers in future droughts.
  • Need National Policy

    Drought Adversity: The Need for a National Policy, George Coakley, Future Directions, 22 August 2018) Shadow Minister Fitzgibbon’s alternative strategy is to “future proof” the agricultural sector through improvements in soil health and water management. Instead of building more dams and other water storage mechanisms, he calls for better soil and water
  • Don’t rush

    Farm leaders say drought policy not to be rushed (Natalie Kotsios, The Weekly Times, 17 August 2018) FARMERS are warning the Federal Government not to rush further drought support, saying longer-term policies are needed.
  • Policies flawed

    Drought policies flawed (Queensland Country Life, 13 August 2018) Priority for Federal Government support and assistance to rural producers in drought situations needs to be prioritised internally in preference to externally.
  • Holistic Ag Policy

    Flood of farm red tape makes the drought harder to fight (John Slater, Financial Review, 13 August 2018) What’s really needed is a holistic look at whether agricultural policy settings are giving farmers a fair go at standing on their own two feet. On that front, the most potent levers
  • Lack of leadership

    Lack of political leadership in the bush leaves the consumer the only driver of change (Jamie Brown, Inverell Times, 8 August 2018) A lack of government leadership when it comes to water and vegetation management is restricting farmers’ abilities to survive drought, and for their pastures to recover when rains
  • Resilient policy needed

    Resilient drought policy needed (Eddie Summerfield, Rural News, 7 August 2018) Being better prepared for drought, through resilient policy has been debated throughout the current dry spell being experienced by farmers. The Australia Farm Institute plays an important role for farmers in helping develop policy to benefit the agriculture sector.
  • Barnaby: Policy won’t help

    Climate policy won’t help farmers, says Barnaby Joyce (Rachel Baxendale, The Australian, 6 August 2018) Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce says Australian climate change policy will have make no difference to the global climate and won’t help farmers battling drought.
  • Harder hearts

    As a drought takes hold, what is the best plan for Australia’s farms? (Jessica Irvine and Peter Hannam, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August 2018) But amid increasing evidence of climate change effects, some harder hearts are beginning to question the near-term viability of many farms, along with the wisdom of
  • Handouts undercut – not deserved

    NSW farmers don’t deserve $1b in drought aid (Aaron Patrick, Australian Financial Review, 2 August 2018)But the policy undercuts decades of work by experts and a few principled politicians to encourage farms on the world’s driest continent to prepare for and expect droughts. Before it started to break down under the 2010-13
  • Drought Policy Challenge

    Drought policy a ‘difficult, complex challenge’: Farmers’ Federation Chief (ABC, 1 August 2018) Drought policy is really difficult. It’s a really complex policy challenge. Every drought is difficult, every farm business is slightly different, and every farm business makes decisions based on their own circumstances too.
  • Politically free policy

    We need a political free drought policy (Louise Nichols, Singleton Argus, 31 July 2018) Why does it have to get so bad that people are forced to plead for assistance before our politicians decide to take some action?
  • Drought Declaration Policy

    Farmers calling for change to drought declaration policy (Warren Moore, Derek Schoen, 2GB, 2 July 2018) The policy, scrapped in 2013, would trigger emergency cash and subsidies for farmers if a drought was declared. Instead, a new system of interest-free loans was implemented to pay for sheds, water silos or
  • Policy or poetry

    Malcolm Turnbull’s drought tour appears to have been more policy than poetry (Lucy Barbour, ABC, 7 June 2018) What’s been the problem with drought policy? For decades, successive state and federal governments struggled to find a permanent policy solution to the persistent problem of drought on farmers. But more recently,
  • Big FMD Savings

    Cattle farmers beef up savings to prepare for droughts and floods ahead (Jon Daly, WA Country Hour, 1 May 2018) Recent high cattle prices have enabled Australian beef producers to put more money into Farm Management Deposits (FMDs). Their contributions have increased by 50 per cent in the last three
  • Vic Drought Policy

    Victorian drought policy: the long, the short and the convoluted (Danielle Grindlay, ABC Rural, 28 January 2016) As part of a $27 million drought package announced by Premier Daniel Andrews in November, $10 million was set aside for projects nominated by community leaders. The callout has revealed the extensive ripple effect of
  • Policy dilemma

    Dry argument: Australia’s drought policy dilemma (Anna Vidot and Lucy Barbour, ABC Rural, 21 February 2014) A look back through Australia’s difficult drought policy history reveals a nation that’s never been satisfied with its response to drought, or the assistance available for farmers, communities and businesses affected by it.
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