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How does the drought affect communities, businesses and consumers? We round up news articles here that focus on the flow on effects of drought.
  • Q fever

    Australia’s drought could be increasing Q fever risk, but there are ways we can protect ourselves (The Conversation, 12 March 2019) With several hundred cases diagnosed each year, Australia has one of the highest rates of Q fever worldwide. Q fever is a bacterial infection which spreads from animals; mainly cattle, sheep
  • Vegetable Price Rise

    Vegetable prices on the rise after floods, drought and heat cause supply cuts (Nikolai Beilharz and Cassandra Hough, ABC Rural, 26th February 2019) After floods in Queensland and continuing drought in other parts of the country, the supply of vegetables has been hit particularly hard, with staples like broccoli now selling for $8.90 a kilogram. Vegetables
  • Cattle price low

    Drought pushes cattle prices lower despite Queensland stock wipe out (Brad Thompson, Financial Review, 24 February 2019) Cattle prices are heading towards a four-year low and abattoirs working overtime despite the massive stock wipe out from floods in north-west Queensland.  
  • How drought affects freshwater fish

    How drought affects freshwater fish (Robert Lennox, Steven J Cooke, The Conversation, February 4 2019) Dry conditions and water removal are leaving little space for the animals that depend on these freshwater systems. Australia recently witnessed the consequences of this in several massive fish kills on the Darling River.
  • Shrinking towns

    Drought and a creeping emptiness in NSW (Perry Duffin, Western Magazine, February 2 2019) Smaller farming communities across NSW are shrinking in the face of economic and social headwinds but those who remain fear the current drought is accelerating the decline. Between 2006 and 2011 the Riverina-Murray population increased by
  • Produce prices

    Drought impacting Queensland set to push up produce prices across Australia (Tom Livingstone, 9News, January 30 2019) Queensland butchers are struggling to keep meat prices down with ongoing dry conditions affecting stock on farms.
  • Agri-tourism in drought

    Farmers open their properties to tourists to ease the financial strain caused by drought (Kerrin Thomas, ABC, 5 December 2018) Tourists are being encouraged to head to a drought-affected area for a holiday as some farmers diversify their operations and open their properties for farm stays.
  • Stock pain

    As the drought rolls on these are the stocks feeling the pain – and the plenty (Rachel Williamson, Stock Head, 30 November 2018) Pac Partners agriculture expert Paul Jensz refuses to call the East Coast weather a drought — it’s “dry weather” — and says the impact on many listed
  • Quirindi struggling

    Inside a town dealing with the drought: How this rural NSW community is struggling (Alexandra Bernard, news.com.au, 14 November 2018) As NSW continues to live through one of the worst droughts in 100 years, the effects are being felt beyond the farmer’s gate. With primary producers buying nothing more than the
  • Drought on the water

    Drought on the water: Australian fishers call for help to be expanded beyond land-based farming (Ruby Mitchell, ABC, 13 November 2018) It is not just inland farmers who have been affected by drought, with diminished rainfall and high temperatures now hitting the fishing industry.
  • Gastro Spike

    Drought could lead to spike in gastro cases (The Canberra Times, 11 October 2018) The warning comes from the results of a study, published in the Journal of Water and Health,  found reported cases of the gastro bug, cryptosporidiosis, rose significantly in parts of Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory along the Murray
  • Birds escaping drought

    Birds of prey flocking to cities to escape drought, data shows (Shelley Lloyd, ABC News, 9 October 2018) Eagles, hawks and other large birds of prey are flocking to cities and towns, with the drought forcing them out of the parched countryside, bird watchers say.
  • Cottonseed plant shutdown

    Cargill shut Narrabri cottonseed crush plant due to drought (Jamieson Murphy, Moree Champion, 8 October 2018) CARGILL will close it’s crushing plant in Narrabri by the end of November, with the drought a major factor in the company’s decision to shut the operation after 46 years.
  • Cost of Christmas

    Drought could impact cost of Christmas lunch as price of turkey feed skyrockets (ABC Adelaide, 5 October 2018) The traditional turkey for Christmas lunch or dinner is something many look forward to. However, some food producers are warning it could come at an extra cost throughout the festive season, and
  • Supplement Shortage

    Supplement feed shortage puts a strain on farmers already struggling with drought (Emilia Terzon, ABC, 25 September 2018) Dry conditions are now affecting the production of a wide range of feed supplements given to animals when grass and hay run low.
  • Price rise

    Fruit, vegetable and meat prices will rise because of the drought (Matt Attard, Port Macquarie News, 17 September 2018) WHILE rains have soaked many drought-stricken farms across NSW recently, the impact of the devastating big dry could be felt well into 2019.
  • House construction

    Tamworth new house construction down due to drought (Jamieson Murphy, The Northern Daily Leader, 17 September 2018) THE Tamworth building industry is starting to feel the heat from the ongoing drought conditions, as more people hold off on building a new home.
  • Harvest Contractors

    Harvest contractors face dismal season with drought having a knock-on effect across eastern Australia (Angus Verley, ABC Rural, 11 September 2018) Some harvest contractors fear they won’t even get their machines out of the shed, with large parts of Queensland, New South Wales and northern Victoria facing grim conditions.
  • Hit farmland valuations

    Drought to hit farm values (Tim Boreham, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 September 2018) “The drought will slow down farm incomes and we expect it will slow valuations,” said Growth Funds managing director David Sackett. “Many of the drought-affected areas have had the strongest rise in valuations.”
  • Impact on drought markets

    Australia’s drought impact on cow markets – Seeking answers to the hard questions (Simon Quilty, Beef Central, 05 September 2018) In this discussion paper, independent analyst Simon Quilty looks at the impact of the drought on the cow market – both from a livestock and meat perspective. He sees enormous
  • Apprenticeship dry

    Apprenticeships dry up and calls increase to drop payroll tax as drought bites big businesses (Kelly Fuller, ABC New England, 30 August 2018) Large regional businesses are warning that work is drying up, meaning staff will be let go and apprenticeships will not be offered, as states move further into
  • GDP effects

    Already the impact of the drought is evident in the economic data. Rural export volumes are down 14 per cent over the past two quarters, and farm gross domestic product is also down 15 per cent over the past year, taking just under 0.4ppts off growth. There is likely to
  • Staff cuts

    More than half of businesses facing staff cuts in wake of drought’s effects (Nadine Morton, Central Western Daily, 23 August 2018) MORE than 93 per cent of businesses across the Central West have been impacted by the crippling statewide drought, with 56 per cent saying they may need to reduced staff numbers,
  • Staff cuts

    More than half of businesses facing staff cuts in wake of drought’s effects (Nadine Morton, Central Western Daily, 23 August 2018) MORE than 93 per cent of businesses across the Central West have been impacted by the crippling statewide drought, with 56 per cent saying they may need to reduced staff numbers,
  • Not just hurting farmers

    Drought isn’t just hurting farmers, says business survey (Glen Humphries, Illawarra Mercury, August 22 2018) The drought is having an impact on businesses on the South Coast and Southern Highlands, according to a recent survey. And it wasn’t just farmers feeling the pinch. The NSW Business Chamber carried out a survey
  • We need support too

    We need drought support too: NSW Business Chamber (Forbes Advocate, August 20 2018) The NSW Business Chamber has called for a “suite of practical and targeted measures” to support businesses affected by drought. Ninety-six per cent of businesses in Western NSW have been negatively affected by the drought, almost 70
  • Drought holidays

    Why you should take your next holiday in a drought-affected town (Lauren Pezet , Verity Gorman and Moyra Shields, ABC Riverina, 20 August 2018) Drought-affected towns are encouraging people to support their communities by taking their next holiday in the country. All of New South Wales is currently in drought and small towns are taking a
  • Ripple Effect

    Businesses in regional towns starting to feel ripple effect of drought (Jack Morphet and Lillian Saleh, News.com.au)  BUSINESS is drying up west of the Great Dividing Range, as costs soar and cash-poor farmers tighten their belts. It comes as an alarming new survery reveals the ripple effect the drought is
  • Suicide rate double

    Drought-ravaged Australia in crisis: ‘The suicide rate in rural communities is double that in cities’ (Jo Abi,  Honey, 9 August 2018) It’s been seven years since Aussie farmers saw decent rain, but even when it does come — and it will eventually come — it will take years for rural
  • Impacts on lamb supply

    Quantifying drought impacts on lamb supply (Angus Brown, Mecardo, 31 July 2018) We’ve heard some shocking lamb marking anecdotes from Western NSW in recent weeks. These range from 30 lambs from 1000 ewes (3%) to marking rates up to 20%.  Over the last few years marking rates for these areas
  • Effect on shoppers

    NSW drought food price flow-on effects for shoppers (Belinda-Jane Davis, Maitland Mercury, 30 July 2018) The cost of food is being closely monitored as unrelenting drought across almost all of NSW takes a toll. NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair said the situation goes well beyond the shortage of animal feed
  • Small businesses struggling

    Drought: the impact on the whole community (Vicki Seccombe, Western Magazine, 10 June 2018) As the Regional Manager for the Western NSW Business Chamber, we are also keen to highlight how drought affects our non-farm businesses and in turn affects us all in the community. Our small businesses are already
  • Price rise

    Lamb, beef prices forecast to rise after ‘worst drought in living memory’ (Alana Mitchelson, The New Daily, 6 September 2018) Patrick Hutchinson, chief executive of the Australian Meat Industry Council, said he was concerned that consumers would see the impact of the drought on red meat prices in about six
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