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There are positive stories out there of producers who have built resilient operations. Although it is not the time to judge, it is important to highlight stories such as this. As the critical period of drought passes (hopefully sooner rather than later), it will be very important to turn to and learn from such stories.
  • Drought proofing with saltbush

     The Sippel family, Narromine drought proof with Saltbush (Taylor Jurd, Western Magazine, 1 March 2019) An unlikely plant is helping a Narromine farming family to drought proof their property and it has also positively changed the outcome of their lamb products. The Sippel family from Narromine first began using the Old
  • Looking at soil

    To predict droughts, don’t look at the skies. Look in the soil… from space (Siyuan Tian, Albet Van Dijk, The Conversation, January 29 2019) Scientists and governments alike have been looking for ways to measure drought in a way that relates more closely to its impacts. Any farmer or gardener can
  • Opinion piece

    Opinion: Five things you need to know about drought (Penelope Arthur, Northern DAily Leader, 5 December 2018) Farmers yearn for a better connection with the wider Australian public. Yes, the business of farming makes you more practical about death. But equally, it makes you more respectful of life.
  • Agri-tourism in drought

    Farmers open their properties to tourists to ease the financial strain caused by drought (Kerrin Thomas, ABC, 5 December 2018) Tourists are being encouraged to head to a drought-affected area for a holiday as some farmers diversify their operations and open their properties for farm stays.
  • Water investment

    Graziers in far-west NSW digging deeper into debt, and dams, to get out of drought (Sara Tomevska, ABC Broken Hill, 21 October 2018) Graziers in far-west New South Wales are using government loans to prepare their properties for the arrival of rain.
  • More soil carbon

    We need more carbon in our soil to help Australian farmers through the drought (Nanthi Bolan, The Conversation, 11 October 2018) The immediate effect of drought is complete loss of soil water. Low moisture reduces soil health and productivity, and increases the loss of fertile top soil through wind and water
  • Innovation to beat drought

    Goondiwindi farmers use innovation to beat the drought (Ian Jones, Goondiwindi Argus, 10 October 2018) Innovative district wheat growers, and a few drops of rain, have ensured there are still some top crops around. North Star farmer, Jeff Nixon, said he is “amazed” at what wheat can do with only
  • Neighbour water sharing

    Drought relief: Neighbour clears out spring-fed catchment (Tanya Marschke, Central Western Daily, 8 September 2018) Dry conditions and ineligibility for drought funding has led to a landholder from Kerrs Creek tapping into a spring onto her property to share with her neighbours.
  • Impact on drought markets

    Australia’s drought impact on cow markets – Seeking answers to the hard questions (Simon Quilty, Beef Central, 05 September 2018) In this discussion paper, independent analyst Simon Quilty looks at the impact of the drought on the cow market – both from a livestock and meat perspective. He sees enormous
  • Camels in drought

    Is this the answer for drought-hit graziers (Dan Knowles, The Chronicle, 1 September 2018) NOTHING tests out new ideas like drought. West of Cunnamulla, Sustainable Land Management chief executive Tony Lovell has introduced camels to his company’s cattle in a bid to rejuvenate the land, take the pressure off pastures
  • Change Approach or Change Business

    EXPERT ANALYSIS ON DROUGHT: FARMERS MUST CHANGE APPROACH OR CHANGE BUSINESS (Jacki Schirmer, Dominic Peel, Ivan Charles Hanigan, Kimberly Brown, SBS, 28 August 2018) This group of researchers believe the government should give incentives to farmers who plan for droughts, and not just throw cash at the problem when the media’s looking.  
  • Farming Hope Solution

    Regenerative farming film shows a hope against the dry (The Weekly Times, 20 August 2018) A Dry Hope explores the ideas around farming against drought, exploring practices that can make properties more resistant to the effects of…
  • Farm full of water

    How a farmer went from ‘the moron approach’ to a farm full of water (Blake Foden, Sydney Morning Herald, 18 August 2018) One of the biggest changes he’s made is the construction of 14 weirs along a four-metre deep erosion gully, which was taking water and fertile soil off his
  • Bush spirit

    Bush spirit refuses to be extinguished by drought (Dan Knowles and Domanii Cameron, The Courier Mail, 16 August 2018) Mr Burden and his wife Vicki have been riding the drought roller coaster on Macsland, a 27,000 acre sheep property they took over from Vicki’s parents in early 2013. They, like
  • Persistence through regeneration

    Renewing a pastoral landscape (Stephen Burns, 12 August 2018) To the end of June, a little over 200mm has fallen on “Bibbaringa’, yet there is sufficient pasture for the next four months to finish the four hundred steers currently grazing the property. “Cattle numbers vary according to the season and
  • Succeed in Drought

    Despite prophecies of doom, farmers can still succeed in a drought (Aaron Patrick, The Financial Review, 12 August 2018) Although they won’t say it publicly, some farmers and farming leaders see the drought as an opportunity to squeeze out inefficient, sub-scale and unprofessional competitors. The financial success is driven by
  • Defying Drought

    Defying the drought: Farmers who have braced for the big dry (Marty McCarthy, Aneeta Bhole, Landline, 12 August 2018) For some farmers, the millennium drought was a turning point where they realised that if they wanted to keep farming in Australia they needed to embrace rather than battle an often
  • Lack of leadership

    Lack of political leadership in the bush leaves the consumer the only driver of change (Jamie Brown, Inverell Times, 8 August 2018) A lack of government leadership when it comes to water and vegetation management is restricting farmers’ abilities to survive drought, and for their pastures to recover when rains
  • Not all busted cockies

    Challenging the public perception of drought: not all farmers are ‘busted cockies with starving animals’ (Marty McCarthy, ABC AM, 7 August 2018) Farmers are concerned the media is focusing too heavily on drought disaster stories that are damaging the reputation of Australia’s livestock industry. They also say the majority of
  • Preparation and Science

    Farmers taking careful drought survival steps in a challenging climate (Gavin Coote, ABC News, 6 August 2018) As debate intensifies around drought policy and the role of financial assistance, some farmers have been quietly taking the matter into their own hands. Long before the Turnbull Government announced extra emergency drought
  • Traditional land management

    How planting trees and grasses can help stabilise farmland in a changing climate (Micaela Hambrett, ABC News, 3 August 2018) As parts of the country face the toughest drought in people’s lifetimes, tree species that can assist in water and soil management have a renewed purpose. Need to raise your water
  • Improved farming practices

    Improved farming practices lead fightback against drought (Gregor Heard, Goondiwindi Argus, 30 July 2018) FARMERS would much prefer not to have to contend with drought, but the silver lining of Australia’s harsh climate is that our growers and grain breeders have made an artform of adapting to change and generating
  • Diversify or die

    Diversify or die, says Longreach farmer facing another year of drought (Mark Ludlow, Financial Review, 9 July 2018) Longreach farmer James Walker is well aware of the need to diversify to protect a farm income from the ravages of the latest drought afflicting large parts of Queensland and NSW.
  • Young farmer energy

    How young farmers are finding innovative ways and fresh energy to deal with drought (David Marchese, ABC News, 9 July 2018) For a farmer experiencing his first drought, Jack Carrigan is unexpectedly upbeat. The 27-year-old says the stereotype of farmers constantly complaining about the weather is outdated and farmers are
  • Big FMD Savings

    Cattle farmers beef up savings to prepare for droughts and floods ahead (Jon Daly, WA Country Hour, 1 May 2018) Recent high cattle prices have enabled Australian beef producers to put more money into Farm Management Deposits (FMDs). Their contributions have increased by 50 per cent in the last three
  • From 2015

    Farmers talk drought: preparation, climate change and ideal government policy (Warwick Long, ABC, 23 March 2015) We asked four farmers for their personal experiences of drought. They include: Angus Whyte, Livestock grazier, Wentworth in New South Wales Rob Warburton, Sheep, grains and wildflowers, Kojonup in Western Australia Dianne Bowles, Dairy farmer, Mead
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