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Drought can devastate people, stock and the environment. These news pieces concentrate on sharing the stories of those who are struggling and need support during tough times, particularly to urban audiences. The stories and images can be confronting.
  • Dairy forced out

    Last day for dairy at Deniliquin in southern NSW as drought forces farmers out (Cara Jeffery and Hannah Laxton-Koonce, NSW Country Hour, 7 April 2019) A family has been forced to shut down their dairy farm at Deniliquin in southern New South Wales. David and Kathleen Johnston and their daughter Kacee can
  • What it’s like

    What it’s like to live in the middle of Australia’s ‘dreadful’ drought (Amanda Collier, ABC Life, 4 April 2019) It’s been so long since the last proper rain in north-west NSW that 15-year-old Grace doesn’t really remember what it’s like.
  • Qld summer crops

    Queensland crops wither in drought as dams dry out (Amy McCosker and Lydia Burton, Qld Country Hr, 12 March 2019) Queensland farmers are nervously watching the skies as summer crops fail and winter crops look increasingly less likely to be planted.
  • State of the drought

    State of the drought shows dams empty and NSW drowning in dust (Kate Doyle, ABC Weather, 12 March 2019) The hot dry summer has stripped the soils of moisture, water storages are down in every state and territory, and New South Wales is drowning in dust.
  • Cattle price low

    Drought pushes cattle prices lower despite Queensland stock wipe out (Brad Thompson, Financial Review, 24 February 2019) Cattle prices are heading towards a four-year low and abattoirs working overtime despite the massive stock wipe out from floods in north-west Queensland.  
  • Dairy Farmers at the brink

    Drought and low milk prices push dairy farmers to the brink (Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian, 24 February 2019) The Australian dairy industry was already in crisis when drought struck key production regions in Victoria and New South Wales in 2018. Now farmers like Hickey say they are barely hanging on.
  • Sheep and wool production

    Drought and dust storms taking a toll on sheep and wool production (Cara Jeffrey, NSW Country Hour, 15 February 2019) Merino sheep were bred to endure the extremes of the Australian climate, but the ongoing drought coupled with recent dust storms is taking a toll on wool quality and quantity.
  • How drought affects freshwater fish

    How drought affects freshwater fish (Robert Lennox, Steven J Cooke, The Conversation, February 4 2019) Dry conditions and water removal are leaving little space for the animals that depend on these freshwater systems. Australia recently witnessed the consequences of this in several massive fish kills on the Darling River.
  • Viral plea

    Farmer’s plea for help through drought goes viral (Michael Nolan, Warwick Daily News, 30 January 2019) Dennis Rush took to Facebook late Tuesday evening and called for politicians, journalists and social media users to get behind primary producers as they faced one of the worse droughts in history.
  • A million Menindee fish

    ‘Drought, climate change and mismanagement’: What experts think caused the death of a million Menindee fish (Nick Kilvert, ABC Science, January 16 2019) Experts say irrigators are taking too much water from the system, and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority has mismanaged water flows. But New South Wales Water Minister Niall
  • Another tough year ahead

    ‘This drought is highly likely to remain intense’: farmers prepare for tough year (Sarah Keoghan & Josh Dye, Sydney Morning Herald, January 10 2019) The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) released a drought update on Thursday, indicating conditions are likely to remain at current levels or intensify over the
  • Ripping Qld Farms

    The drought is ripping money out of Queensland farms (Lucy Stone, Brisbane Times, 20 December 2018) On average nationally, drought conditions will eat nearly $70,000 of broadacre farm cash income in 2018-2019, relative to the year before.
  • Cunnamulla drop

    As drought bites, Cunnamulla’s population has dropped 40 per cent, but not everyone is leaving (Nathan Morris, ABC, 14 December 2018) Cunnamulla has only received its annual average rainfall of 375 millimetres in 11 of the last 20 years. The last two droughts have come too close together to allow the country
  • Stock routes closed

    Legendary south-west Queensland stock routes closed due to drought (Aneeta Bhole, ABC, 12 December 2018) The Murweh Shire, which spans an area twice the size of Wales, has had to stop issuing travelling permits and will only allow grazing permits on a case-by-case basis.
  • Agri-tourism in drought

    Farmers open their properties to tourists to ease the financial strain caused by drought (Kerrin Thomas, ABC, 5 December 2018) Tourists are being encouraged to head to a drought-affected area for a holiday as some farmers diversify their operations and open their properties for farm stays.
  • WA forgotten

    WA’s ‘forgotten’ farmers face their toughest season amid fire, frost and record dry (Jon Daly, Tara de Landgrafft, ABC, 30 November 2018) Farmers on WA’s south coast are experiencing some of the driest times on record and fear they will run out of water if it doesn’t rain soon. For about
  • WA moonscape

    ‘It’s a moonscape’: WA farmers battle freak drought in the South West (Jane Marwick & Nathan Hondros, WA Today, 29 November 2018) Farmers south of Jerramungup — about five hours drive from Perth — say their properties have been turned into dust bowls and moonscapes by a freak drought that
  • Boarding School Hardship

    Drought-affected farmers ‘choosing which child to remove from boarding schools’ due to hardship (Glen Moret, ABC, 21 November 2018) Parents of children in drought-affected areas are having to decide which of their kids to remove from boarding schools due to not being able to afford school fees, the head of
  • Quirindi struggling

    Inside a town dealing with the drought: How this rural NSW community is struggling (Alexandra Bernard,, 14 November 2018) As NSW continues to live through one of the worst droughts in 100 years, the effects are being felt beyond the farmer’s gate. With primary producers buying nothing more than the
  • Drought on the water

    Drought on the water: Australian fishers call for help to be expanded beyond land-based farming (Ruby Mitchell, ABC, 13 November 2018) It is not just inland farmers who have been affected by drought, with diminished rainfall and high temperatures now hitting the fishing industry.
  • Survey results

    Survey shows impacts of drought on Queensland farmers (Chincilla News, 31 October 2018) A SURVEY of Queensland farmers has revealed about half have lost more than half their annual income due to drought and about 60 per cent have less than half their potential water supply.
  • Toll told by two

    How are drought-affected farmers coping? (RN, 19 October 2018)  Two NSW farmers — Richard Wilson and Greg Newell — tell us about the toll the drought is having on their farms and their physical and emotional health.
  • Qld Tornado

    Tornado rips through drought-stricken Queensland areas (Isobel Roe, ABC: The World Today, 12 October 2018) Queensland farmers from drought stricken areas are now facing another problem. Fruit growers and dairy farmers have been caught up in a rare, violent tornado that swept the South Burnett region north of the Darling
  • Heavy toll on yield

    Southern crop yields fall with drought and frosts (Lloyd George, Queensland Country Life, 8 October 2018) Expanding drought and severe frosts are now taking a heavy toll on crops through south eastern Australia. Northern grain buyers were hoping for some good crops in the southern cropping zones to make up
  • This Drought is Different

    ‘This drought is different’: it’s drier and hotter – and getting worse (Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian, 4 October 2018) Schmidt has lived through many droughts but it’s the big ones he remembers – 1958, 1965, 1983. While southern Australia suffered through the Millennium drought during the noughties, up in the
  • Crops died

    ‘They turned blue and died’: Drought-stricken farmer hasn’t seen land this barren in 50 years (Belinda Grant Geary, 9News, 28 September 2018) A New South Wales farmer who endured several droughts in the last half a century has never seen crops die like they have this year.
  • Victoria feels forgotten

    ‘Bullets are cheaper than hay’: Victorian farmers feel forgotten amid drought (Andrew Lund, 9 News, 25 September 2018) “I feel like Shannon Noll’s ‘What About Me?’ is playing behind us,” jokes one farmer. “Right now bullets are cheaper than hay.”
  • Supplement Shortage

    Supplement feed shortage puts a strain on farmers already struggling with drought (Emilia Terzon, ABC, 25 September 2018) Dry conditions are now affecting the production of a wide range of feed supplements given to animals when grass and hay run low.
  • Starving Bees

    Honey running out as beekeepers stung by the drought (Jack Morphet, The Sunday Telegraph, 23 September 2018) Bees are running out of nectar, which they need to produce honey, because native trees and entire crops have been wiped out by the prolonged drought.
  • Hit the road

    Drought forces family to hit the road in search of feed (Geordi Offord, The Weekly Times, 19 September 2018) QUILPIE cattlewoman Carolyn Burnes and her husband have been on the road with their two children, six and 11 years old, since February, droving their 1000 head mob.
  • Backlash on social media

    ‘Hoping for a reality check’: drought-struck farmers cop backlash over social media post (Melanie Groves, Queensland Country Hour, 5 September 2018) Bony ribs and hips through fur. Skinny cattle shuffling across bare dirt. They are the distressing images of drought shared across social media networks.
  • Soldiering on

    Producers soldier on through our hardest drought (Dominic Elsome, Gatton Star, 4 September 2018) ACROSS the Lockyer Valley and Somerset region, the dry is hurting entire communities. Some areas of the two regions haven’t received significant rainfall in several years.
  • Worse than millennium drought

    Dry conditions in parts of southeast Australia worse than millennium drought (James Wagstaff, The Weekly Times, 5 September 2018) An analysis by The Weekly Times show some regions, ­including the Mallee and NSW Riverina, recorded a drier first eight months of the year than during the devastating drought years of 2006 and
  • Grinding Drought

    Grinding drought: “It’s not do or die … but it’s tough and needs to rain soon”. (Peter Hunt, The Weekly Times, 3 September 2018) THE Gippsland drought is grinding down local farmers’ reserves — and their spirits.
  • Questioning the future

    The land falls silent: Australian farmers battle life without rain (Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian, 3 September 2018) While most Australian farmers prepare for drought, the latest dry in the eastern states is lingering on and most have eaten through their reserves; of fodder, cash and patience. In a normal year,
  • Eats away at you

    Dealing with drought that ‘eats away at you’ (Angus Clelland, The Courier, 31 August 2018) I recently read a comment from an Australian farmer who said he found droughts to be “a little like cancer, it sort of eats away at you”. It’s a description that goes to the heart of
  • $1/L hurting

    Dollar-a-litre milk continues to hurt drought-hit dairy farmers (Jessica Clifford, ABC Illawarra, 30 August 2018) Mr Miller claims the combination of drought and low milk prices are killing the dairy farming industry. He said he believed that more than 50 per cent of dairy farmers could be broke by Christmas
  • Worse than we thought

    Central NSW drought ‘worse than we thought’ (Leah McBey, The Advocate, 29 August 2018) “The land and stock were in a worse condition than we thought.” That was how Ulverstone Lions Club’s Bill Mann summed up his impression of the drought in Hillston, central NSW, after delivering two trucks of
  • 15% of SA

    Up to 15 per cent of South Australia is in drought. SBS News spoke to farmers about how they are coping. (Rhiannon Elston, SBS, 29 August 2018) At Paul Bammonn’s Eyre Peninsula farm, dry conditions are taking a toll.
  • Hanging on for grim death

    NSW farmers ‘hanging on for grim death’ (Tim Dornin, Newcastle Herald, 23 August 2018) Across western NSW farmers are “hanging on for grim death” as they run desperately low on both feed and funds in the struggle against a devastating drought that has gone on for two years and shows
  • Harsh Drought Reality

    Young Aussies Out Bush Explain The Harsh Reality Of This Goddamn Drought (David Adams, Pedestrian Daily, 21 August 2018) Although he regularly works 90 hour weeks at the bull stud, the way others used to get by – by pitching in a day here and a day there, for whoever needed
  • Faces of worst drought on record

    The human faces of the worst drought on record (Jack Morphet and Sam Ruttyn, 18 August 2018) THESE are the faces of one of the worst droughts on record. The farmers are working from sun up to sun down seven days a week, the farmhand is staring down unemployment and
  • Wildlife lifeless

    ‘You know it’s dry when the kangaroos stand still’: Living through the horrors of drought (Darren Curtis, 9 News, 18 August 2018) You know it’s dry when the kangaroos that line the outback highways during the day stand still and watch the traffic pass rather than erratically leaping away. Locals
  • Daily Battle

    Aussie Farmer Shares Heartbreaking Story of Daily Battle to Feed Drought-Stricken Livestock (Weegowrie Farming via Storyful, The Weekly Times, 16 August 2018) New South Wales farmer Alex Mason gave an insight into the daily battle he experiences as a result of drought, showing how his cows need to be fed
  • Qld critical

    Queensland drought ‘critical’: commissioner (Christine Flatley, Sydney Morning Herald, 14 August 2018) “I have never seen such a depressed economy, such depressed people as we are witnessing now,” he told ABC radio on Tuesday. “It’s worse than critical.”
  • Cancerous Drought

    Australia’s drought – the cancer eating away at farms (Yahoo, 13 August 2018)
  • Emotional & Physical Toll

    Drought takes an emotional and physical toll across New South Wales (Caitlin Furlong and Jennifer Ingall, ABC New England, 10 August 2018) This week a young truck driver was admitted to hospital suffering from exhaustion, having driven tens of thousands of kilometres in four weeks carrying hay between South Australia
  • Please mummy, don’t die

    Please mummy, don’t die: Heartbreaking picture of a lamb refusing to leave her mother’s side after she dies in a barren field because of Australia’s devastating drought (Cait Kelly, Daily Mail Australia, 9 August 2018) This is the heartbreaking moment a baby lamb was caught crying as its mother lies
  • It’s far worse. It’s dire.

    Drought devastation reduces charity worker to tears (The New Daily, 6 August 2018) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull consoled Edwina Robertson on Sunday in the New South Wales town of Trangie, near Dubbo, as he announced drought relief for those struggling in the dry conditions. “It’s worse than anything you are
  • Tears the only moisture

    Tears the only moisture in a state crying for rain (Sue Neales, The Australian, 4 August 2018) It’s been the toughest 18 months Cam Armstrong can recall on his family’s Cassilis Park merino sheep and wool farm, 150km east of Dubbo in NSW’s central west region. First the catastrophic Sir
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