Dry sowing disc report

Southern Farming Systems - Paul Breust

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Farm Table says:

Research reports that "A common perception is that tine seeders dry out the furrow more than the disc. This is supported by the data but there was no subsequent increase in germination. This is thought to be due to increased fertilizer toxicity in the disc furrow."

Dry sowing dangers “emerge” in stubble

Southern Farming Systems ran a Disc versus Tine Seeder trial.

What did the research involve?

  • replicated trial was sown on the 12th of April into dry conditions at Streatham in South-West Victoria.
  • disc seeder sowed canola into 30cm high stubble from a 2015 wheat crop
    • this year a machine with 25cm row spaces was used, which had some challenges as the 2015 crop was sown using 30cm row spaces.
  • tine seeder was sown using 30cm row spaces in both years with the 2016 canola direct drilled, inter-row, into 15cm high stubble.

What were the key results?



2016 - Australia - Southern Farming Systems - Paul Breust
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