Early Weaning of Lambs

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Easy to read and explanatory article about early weaning.

“Early Weaning” is a relative term, but implies weaning at any time after 21 days of age. As with any management practice involving a sudden change in social structure (separation of ewe and lambs) or changes of diet and environment, this period will be stressful, and is a critical point for good health and general management practices.

This report covers the following:

  1. Why Early Weaning?
  2. How to Wean
  3. Creep Feeding
  4. Rules of Thumb for Early Weaning
  5. Steps to Weaning
  6. Terminating Lactation in the Ewe Using Nutrition
  7. Drying Off Ewes
  8. Clostridial Infections
2013 - Ireland - Gain Animal Nutrition
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