Economic advantages of better management of your beef breeding herd

NSW DPI - Steve Exton

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Great tips on the economic advantages of better management of your beef breeding herd. Interesting to know that DPI NSW have a program available to assist producers calculate gross margins in cattle production, and some examples are shown in this article.

This fact sheet provides information to producers on the economic advantages of better management of your beef breeding herd. It looks at management practices, carrying capacity and how you can ensure your maximum return on production.

Key points were as follows:

• Every beef breeding enterprise wants to lower costs and increase profits, but a lot of the time producers aren’t sure what changes need to occur for them to be able to increase their bottom line.

• The main aim in beef breeding is to ensure conception rates, calving rates, weaning numbers and the total number of calves/weaners/heifers/steers sold is the highest number possible. The way producers maximise their income in beef breeding is to ensure they get the highest calving rates they can achieve.

• This means that producers need to ensure management practices around bull calving weights and heifer/cow size is taken into consideration to ensure no additional costs are incurred with difficult calving or no heifers/calves are lost during calving.

• Producers will need to determine their target market for calves or weaners etc. so they can plan ahead for feed costs and target weights to ensure maximum profit can be achieved.

• NSW DPI has a program available for producers called Beef-N-Omics, it can assist producers to calculate feed on hand, feed demands, feed supplied and gross margins.

• More information on Beef-N-Omics click here.

2007 - Australia - NSW DPI - Steve Exton
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