Economic Role Of Export Hay Within Farming Systems

GRDC - Mike Krause (P2PAgri P/L)

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Farm Table says:

The authors of this paper note in the conclusion: “This study has provided a comprehensive analysis of the economic role that an export hay enterprise provides to farming systems in two regions, Narrogin, WA and Watervale SA, both of which are considered as medium to high rainfall zones. Only the SA results are discussed in this paper. While these economic results are specific to the regions selected for this study, elements of the discussions can be used as general observations for other hay-making regions of Australia. While these results are relevant for 2018, the range of seasons modelled make these results applicable to a wide range of seasons. It can be concluded that export hay provides both improved financial performance and a significant strategy to manage business and agronomic risks”.   Please access the full paper via the link below if this research interests you.

The take home messages from this GRDC funded research are below. Please access the full paper via the link below for methodology, references, acknowledgements and discussion.

Take home messages from the paper include:

  • The whole farm modelling with the inclusion of the export hay enterprise in the mid-north region of South Australia (SA) shows that export hay provides both improved profits and better climate risk management for the farming system.
  • However, while the export hay enterprise can deliver both financial and agronomic benefits, it is not an enterprise that farmers can choose to go in and out of between seasons.
  • Export hay production is an enterprise that requires high levels of management skill and dedication, as the rewards will only be available to those growers who implement a ‘continual management improvement’ approach to their business.

2018 - Australia - GRDC - Mike Krause (P2PAgri P/L)
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