Broad Bean Yield

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Farm Table says:

This trial showed significant differences between many of the treatments.

The effect of pre emergent herbicides

What is the problem?

To evaluate the effect of existing and new chemistry on yield in broad beans at Conmurra, South Australia

Managing Broadleaf weeds in Broad beans in the Mid – lower south east is an increasing challenge.

What did the research involve?

This trial explored alternative herbicide chemistry but due to low weed pressure a suitable Spinnaker alternative was not found.

What were the key findings?

  • weed control in Broad beans in the SE of South Australia requires increased research to adapt new strategies to minimise resistance to herbicide technologies
  • conmurra Trial Site was extremely clean in 2013 with lesser loosestrife being the only major weed observed
  • all treatments except Triflur X, Terbyne PSPE, F8142/6 and Magister significantly increased yield when compared to the untreated control
  • triflur X, Terbyne PSPE, F8142/6 and Magister were not significantly different in yield when compared to the untreated control
  • ensure to read and follow herbicide label before the application

Final comment

The purpose of this trial is for research only. Research is necessary to screen new products for their potential use and to generate data necessary to support product registration.

2013 - Australia - MacKillop Farm Management Group
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