How To Ensure Big Data Brings Value To Farmers

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Focusing on the agricultural technology sector in the United States, this article covers the benefits that can be gained by creating technology specifically focused on agricultural production and how to better interpret data on-farm.

This article discusses the decline in investment in agricultural technology sector in 2016 in the United States and focuses of five key areas where farmers are able to benefit from data and make it more valuable within their enterprise.

Key points were as follows:

  • Create a selling point with your product to differentiate it from the rest, and decide to be a data or platform provider.
  • Understanding data from a farmer’s viewpoint is crucial from an ag tech perspective. Farmers need a product that can collect all the data but put it into a format that can be understood by a farmer so it can be utilised in every aspect that it’s needed on-farm.
  • Ag tech companies not connecting their technology with agriculture and agronomy know-how are limiting the utilisation of their product by farmers.
  • By separating data, information and knowledge it becomes easier to interpret and doesn’t cause any confusion.
  • The ag tech sector would benefit from customised technology that defined specific regions, crops and market segments.
  • Marketing new agricultural technology can be challenging, the key is to start with growers that have market share or the “technology-savvy and innovative growers” to assist in introducing the product to the market and leading the way in a region.
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