ESCAS Factsheets for meat quality, food safety and hygiene


Type: Factsheet
Knowledge level: Intermediate

To support the implementation and improvement of animal welfare in overseas markets, a series of factsheets have been developed to educate and inform supply chain participants on the contribution of ESCAS animal welfare standards to meat quality, food safety and hygiene.

Factsheets include:


  1. Good practice can reduce dark cutting for better meat quality and higher returns
  2. Good practice can reduce stress and improve eating quality
  3. Good practice can reduce acute stress and water loss from meat
  4. Good practice can reduce brushing resulting in less trimming and less carcase wastage
  5. Good practice delivers benefits from improved infrastructure
  6. Good practice can reduce animal stress and shrinkage for increased profits
  7. Good practice in the provision of quality feed and clean fresh water can improve growth rates and eating quality
  8. Good practice in reducing slipping and falling can improve hide cleanliness and carcase hygiene
  9. Good practice avoids mixing unfamiliar livestock which can reduce stress and improve eating quality
  10. Good practice in traceability delivers health and safety control and improves management decisions
  11. Good practice reinforced through training
  12. Support and training in good practice
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