Evaluating Your Surface Irrigation System

NSW Agriculture

Type: Manual, Workshop
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

This workshop introduced ways to evaluate your surface system and identified opportunities for improvements in irrigation performance. By applying these principles, you can improve irrigation efficiency on your farm and achieve improved productivity.

This manual was produced by NSW Agriculture in 2002, as part of the WaterWise on the farm education program Introduction to Irrigation Management.

The aim of the workshop was to:

  • introduce you to skills and techniques for improved water use efficiency and irrigation system management
  • highlight the importance of efficient surface irrigation and the methods available to manage or modify a surface system for efficient operation and improved production
  • help you to perform tests on your own system, and identify whether you need to change equipment, or how you operate it, to improve your irrigation efficiency

The key sections include:

  • introduction to surface irrigation
  • flow rate and volume into the farm supply system
  • the irrigated field
  • surface drainage and reuse systems
  • irrigation system checklist

This workshop was  made up of three topics:

  1. farm supply
  2. the irrigated field
  3. surface drainage and reuse

In conclusion, the workbook contains a worked example for each of the activities to enable you to evaluateyour surface irrigation system.

2002 - Australia - NSW Agriculture
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