EverGraze Exchange (Online) – The Nuts and Bolts of Grazing Management


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This Exchange provides the principles, with evidence from research, for optimising pasture growth, utilisation, environmental management, and livestock performance from pastures. Tools and processes are provided to guide planning and monitoring and apply the principles to achieve the best outcomes for the given farm system.

The first step in developing a grazing strategy for your farm is to understand the basic principles for optimising pasture production, utilisation and composition; and livestock performance.

This resource covers:

  • Principles of grazing management
  • Steps in developing a whole farm grazing management plan
  • Principles for setting herbage mass and/or feed on offer benchmarks, determining rest periods, and manipulating pasture composition
  • Integrating the basic principles of grazing management to manage feed supply and demand and allocate stock to pastures
  • Putting the principles into practice
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