Factors To Consider With The Use Of Different Glyphosate Formulations

GRDC - Andrew Somervaille (Jubilee Consulting)

Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

The authors of this paper note in the conclusion: “Combination of certain herbicides with glyphosate (tank mixes) may be detrimental to weed control and ultimately contribute to accumulation of low-level resistant traits in treated fields”.   Please access the full paper via the link below if this research interests you.

The take home messages from this GRDC funded research are below. Please access the full paper via the link below for methodology, references, acknowledgements and discussion.

Take home messages from the paper include:

  • Glyphosate formulations vary in performance but differences are often weed species specific.
  • In-tank adjuvants may both enhance or detract performance of glyphosate formulations.
  • Targeted use of adjuvants can assist in maintaining high level of weed control alongside other factors.

2018 - Australia - GRDC - Andrew Somervaille (Jubilee Consulting)
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