Farm Biosecurity on Dairy Farms

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This website is a great start point for dairy farmers wanting to learn more about the potential biosecurity risks that may affect production as well as giving practical advice on how to reduce this risk.

Producers play a key role in protecting the Australian dairy industry from pests and diseases by implementing sound biosecurity measures on-farm.  This webpage has been produced by as part of the Farm Biosecurity Program,  a joint initiative of Animal Health Australia (AHA) and Plant Health Australia (PHA).

It contains a series of links to resources and tools that will inform you on the implementation of simple, everyday biosecurity practices to protect the health of your livestock, limit production losses and help maintain market access for Australia’s dairy producers.  Key resources in this webpage include:

  • Dairy Biosecurity: Healthy Farms (from Dairy Australia);
  • On-farm biosecurity plan template;
  • Biosecurity and emergency action plans;
  • Visitor and staff risk assessment; and
  • FarmBiosecurity app.

It also includes nine videos on various topics of biosecurity, including inputs and outputs, people movement, feral animals and weeds, production practices and vehicle and equipment biosecurity.

In conclusion, this is a great source of information for dairy farm biosecurity with practical information that will help you protect your cows and farm from biosecurity risks.

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