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We know how important it is to look after ourselves, but why aren’t we doing more about it? Do you know where to start?

Building emotional resilience

This fact sheet is produced by GRDC and highlights that resilience is a process, not a trait of an individual or an event. It takes preparation, and even practice, to develop and maintain emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience is the willingness and capacity to accept that there will be good and bad times ahead, and to understand your reactions to these experiences and have strategies to manage them.

The key points in the fact sheet are:

  • accept where you are in life and what life is throwing your way
  • listen to your inner voice and, if negative, change your ‘self-talk’
  • look for ways to be connected within the community
  • learn to get comfortable with feelings and be able to express them openly
  • surround yourself with positive people
  • look after your health
  • resilience can be planned for, developed and practiced

In conclusion the fact sheet says that t is essential to stay involved with family, work and the community for many positive reasons, including being able to contribute, being valued and to maintain perspective.

The more people you interact with, the greater the likelihood that you will meet people who have experienced, survived and grown through similar experience.

2013 - Australia - GRDC - ORM
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