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  1. Communication Styles Assessment to help you discover your action, process, people or ideas style of communication. Includes tips to communicate with other styles.
  2. Key Challenges Audit Sheet to self-identify the key issues you need to talk about with your farm team. Also used by Elaine as a key intake tool when new clients join her for coaching.
  3. Personal Farm Family Profile to identify main desire for coaching, life and farm goals and feelings about inheritance and risk.
  4. Action Item Strategy document is a simple tool to track who will do what by when after your business meetings.
  5. Meeting Action Template is useful for keeping email minutes and then distributing the notes quickly after the meeting
  6. Farm Vision document helps you find the common vision and values that give you the energy to grow your farm. A discussion starter.
  7. Distribution of Managerial Tasks helps discover who is the ultimate decision-maker, the founder operator, and /or the successor. Itemizes several jobs and starts a discussion about how decisions are actually made on your farm.
  8. 60 Questions for Farm Transfer will help discover what you do not have answers for, and which parts of the succession journey you already have ideas and answers for.
  9. 10 Tools for Talking About Tough Issues gives practical language and insight for attacking the issue to be soft on the person, but hard on the issue. Elaine’s most popular seminar.
  10. Soldan’s Performance Review is a simple one sheet for farms, and the performance spreadsheet .xls version for more details. Farm employees and team members need feedback.
  11. Farming’s In-law Factor Role Sheet, the draft of the webinar that is now a book!
  12. Role Map to set out ways to live a more intentional life and have better work/life balance.
  13. Sweat Equity – Myth or Reality uses humor to outline the key factors and various ways managers have dealt with this controversial issue. Written by Elaine’s consulting friends Andrew Deruyk and Mark Sloane.
  14. Asset Distribution Workbook based on the work of Dr. John Baker, also known as Dr. Baker’s tool for discovering the changing net worth of the farm as the successor helps capture wealth.
  15. Book Lady List, an ongoing list of Elaine’s favorite books that clients are always asking for!
  16. The Froese that Pays! The list of Elaine’s most popular coaching one-liners. Requested by coaching clients.


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