Farm Growth: Venture Analysis and Business Models

Michael Boehlje, Purdue University

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Farm Table says:

The sections in these paper reviews topics such as:
  • the logic of growth
  • economies of size
  • investable funds
  • debt financing and risk management
  • venture options
  • strategic fit
  • expected returns
  • risk
  • funding
  • entry/exit
  • value creation
  • managerial requirements
  • portfolio fit
  • alternative business models
  • organic or internal growth
  • merger/acquisition
  • franchising
  • partnerships/joint ventures/strategic alliances
  • service provision
  • asset/service outsourcing
  • agricultural entrepreneurship
  • investors
  • With the numerous new business options to choose from, there is a choice of alternative business models to implement the growth process.

This is a paper addresses the debates around farms of scale versus small-scale farm business. It looks at why the trend is for agribusiness to grow in scale and whether it will continue.

2013 - United States - Michael Boehlje, Purdue University
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