My Farm, My Plan – Planning for my future


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Farm Table says:

Places emphasis on the ‘thinking’ process before jumping in and planning. Some handy templated exercises and questions that really make you think. A good document for those completing their first farm business plan.

This Irish workbook takes you through the individual stages in developing a farm plan.

It walks through the following sections:

Stage 1: Thinking about where you are going

Takes you through the following questions –

  1. Why are you farming?
  2. What are you thinking of doing?
  3. How is this going to deliver on your reasons for farming?

Stage 2: Thinking about what you have to do

  1. Where are you now?
  2. What are the main issues you must focus on?
  3. What do you have to do to get there?
  4. When will you make these changes?
  5. How will your plan affect your working day?

Stage 3: Extra costs, extra revenues and extra risks

  1. What are the extra costs?
  2. What extra revenue will be generated?
  3. Is it worthwhile?
  4. What could go wrong?

The financial plan

Stage 4: Developing a financial plan

2014 - Ireland - Teagasc
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