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Podcast fan? Here is a list of farm succession planning podcasts to listen to and learn from.

Succession Planning with John Moor from RCS (Beating Around The Bush)

Succession planning for the family farm (Regional Voices)

“Judy Hocking is one half of a farming couple in their 70’s. Judy and her husband Charlie, whose family have been on their property outside Bendigo for 4 generations, are continuing to advance their holding while also succession planning to ensure its future.

Kendi Burness-Cowan talks to Judy about Cultivate Farms innovative assistance in this process and the advantages of a farming matchmaker service.

Having a flexible plan for the future looks to be a way to keep Australians farming. Do you agree?”

Jolene Brown – Family Farms & Succession Planning (Impact Farms)

“In this episode of Impact Farming, we interviewed Jolene Brown at Farm Progress Show 2018 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Jolene was the keynote speaker at the event and was delivering her presentation “If I huff and puff will I blow your house down.” She was kind enough to join us on Impact Farming prior to her presentation and share some of her key thoughts on family, farming and farm business planning.”

Brent VanParys – Why Many Intergenerational Farm Transitions Fail (Impact Farms)

“On this episode of Impact Farming, we sit down with Brent VanParys to discuss why so many intergenerational farm transitions fail. The transition process can be challenging. It can end in relationship conflict, financial issues and it can break down trust. Brent shares a lot of great strategies and ideas on how planning can improve your farm business and family dynamics.”

Elaine Froese – Fair and Equal (Impact Farms)

“On this episode of Impact Farming, we sit down with Elaine Froese to discuss succession planning and the concept of Fair and Equal. Succession planning is a transition of labor, management, and ownership. Estate planning is your will, power of attorney and your tax planning for when you pass on.

Elaine explains why she believes “Equal” shouldn’t be a part of the conversation anymore. More focus needs to be spent on finding fairness. Fair is helping everyone be successful.

Elaine’s definition of fair and her three big questions

FAIR F- Financial Transparency A- Attitude towards money I – Intention R- Roles and rebels.

Ask yourself three big questions: What does fairness look like to you? Is it helping everyone be successful? Is it helping the farm be successful? Multiple children in your farm family? If so, you will not want to miss this episode. This one concept can lift a tremendous burden from your shoulders.”

George Sinker – A Whole System Approach to Succession Planning / Transition Planning (Impact Farms)

“On this episode of Impact Farming, we sit down with George Sinker to discuss succession planning and transition planning. He shares his experiences from working with different families and he explains the key parts included in succession planning. George elaborates on the 3-circle model – Family, Business and Ownership.

Planning is important and sets your future business and family up for success. It shows a level of respect and care for your family and the business you have spent your life building.Don’t let fear keep you from planning.

If you are ready to start planning, you don’t want to miss this episode.”

The sweat equity trap (Mind Your Farm Business)

“Capital assets don’t buy groceries.

If this statement makes you scratch your head a little, you’re likely the older generation on the farm. If you read it and think, “Don’t I know it” you might be the in-coming generation, and very likely frustrated by the lack of clarity on how the farm’s equity and income is being distributed now and will be into the foreseeable future.

It could be that you’ve fallen in to the sweat equity trap — where years of effort, sweat, and toil amount to a “Some day this will all be yours!” merry-go-round and that ‘someday’ gets further away every year.

In this episode of Mind Your Farm Business, farm coach Elaine Froese joins Shaun Haney to talk about sweat equity: why it matters, how to account for it, and the always important, why families avoid the topic or fight over it.”

When parents won’t talk about farm succession (Mind Your Farm Business)

“Believe it or not, the farm transition can actually be a joyful journey. But that can only happen once three things are established:

  • Is the business going to continue?
  • When would you like it to continue? (starting now, or with a reading of the will)
  • Who will lead the business in the next phase?

That’s where Jolene Brown, professional speaker, author, and farmer, starts with all the farm families she counsels through farm succession. So many farm transition plans never even get started because of an unwillingness — deliberate or otherwise — to acknowledge what the older generation wants, and what they’ll need to continue living the lifestyle they’ve earned.”

The younger partner’s perspective on succession (Mind Your Farm Business)

“Many times we look at farm succession from a very holistic point of view, through a lens focused on the overall process and all the people involved.

But this can make things very complicated. Sometimes we need to look at one generation at a time. What are their concerns/desires/needs in this process?

In this Mind Your Farm Business episode, we focus on the younger partner’s perspective in farm success, as Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney speaks with Carolyn Rodenberg, founder of Virginia-based Alternatives to Conflict.”

The senior partner’s perspective on succession (Mind Your Farm Business)

“Every farm succession plan starts and stops with the older generation. In most cases, it’s up to mom and/or dad to determine how and when the transition moves forward.

For farm families who are stuck in that process, it’s usually not from a lack of desire to execute, but from paralysis — not knowing where to start or a fear of failing, says farm succession consultant Dick Wittman.

After examining the junior partner’s perspective in episode 27, we’re focusing on the senior side’s objectives, concerns, and questions in episode 28 in the Mind Your Farm Business series.

What do mom and dad want? What needs to happen so they feel good about the transition? How can their concerns be addressed?”

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