Farm Succession Risk Management Checklist Online

United States Department of Agriculture - Dr. Patricia Frishkoff

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Farm Table says:

The checklist is a tool to identify holes in your succession planning process and to help you see what is important. A great way to start communicating the future with your family.

This website goes through a list of 43 questions, which you then submit. You answer from your own perspective and you can then print your answers and discuss the results together as a family.

The questions refer to both generations.

Questions include:

  • Has the senior generation communicated its intentions to children and their spouses?
  • Is there a written ownership and management plan for the farm?
  • Do you have a written or recorded history of the farm?
  • Does the plan for the future preserve a viable farm or farm structure?
  • Does the next generation understand the implications of bad yields and poor prices?
  • Can the family discuss farm issues in a business sense, without becoming entrenched in family roles and patterns?
  • Does the family talk openly and honestly about the farm – its future and its problems?

Once you submit your answers, you receive an assessment of your farm succession risk by the following categories:

  • Preparation by the Senior Generation
  • Preparation by the Next Generation
  • Shared Vision: The Generation Together
  • The Family Glue
2009 - United States - United States Department of Agriculture - Dr. Patricia Frishkoff
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