Farm Succession: Tools and methods to promote a successful farm succession

Farm Succession EU

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Farm Table says:

A large brochure – 52 pages in all. Some interesting statistics comparing France, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands and the EU. Although the tools are not very relevant to the Australian context, the case studies present new and inventive ways for transferring farm ownership, particularly to those outside of a family farming situation.

This brochure provides farm succession examples from France, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands. The target audience is trainers, facilitators, and advisors.

The brochure acknowledges that there are a new generation of farmers who do not come from a traditional
farming background who want to enter the industry. As a result, new answers are needed to farm succession. The report provides tools developed and use to connect farmers and to provide new entrants and retirees confidence in newer business models.

It looks at:

  • A pig farmer in France who did things a little bit differently by setting up a range of different young farmers with different organic production systems.
  • A French vegetable farmer that transferred his farm to a long-time employee.
  • A family that used the ‘Leibrente’ system – a special Austrian ‘annuity of life’ contract whereby the successor
    operates the farm and pays a monthly fee to pay off the farm value and can reduce the amount paid by the duty of care (older couple remain living on the farm) for the transferer.
  • Finding successors for a communally owned farm with four owners.

The report puts forward 8 stages of farm succession process:

  • Awareness
  • Wish
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Search/Decisions
  • Form
  • Handing/Taking Over
  • Running the farm

Tools for each section are provided.

2016 - Europe - Farm Succession EU
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