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Farm Table says:

This US-based toolkit is functional, visually appealing and contains some great information to consider. A farm lease builder is coming soon on the page.

This leasing toolkit is jam-packed with information, including:

Questions To Consider Before Signing A Lease

  1. Overview
  2. Questions To Ask When Considering A Farm Lease
  3. Farm Lease Checklists
  4. How An Attorney Can Help

Leasing Resources

State-Specific Leasing Issues

  1. Allowed Number of Years
  2. Acceptable Agricultural Practices
  3. Agritourism
  4. Protection for Tenants with Crops in the Ground
  5. Lease Termination Notice Rules
  6. Tenant Rights Upon Sale of Leased Property
  7. Requirements for a Valid Farm Lease
  8. Recording Requirements
  9. Property Tax Exemptions
  10. Water Issues
  11. Other State-Specific Issues
  12. How an Attorney Can Help
  13. Additional Resources

Handshake Deals

  1. Overview
  2. If You’re Counting on It, Get It in Writing
  3. What Should My Written Lease Include?
  4. How an Attorney Can Help
  5. Additional Resources

Farmer Wisdom

Creative Leasing

  1. Overview
  2. Ground Leases
  3. Equity-Building Lease Provisions
  4. Lease-To-Own
  5. Leasing from Public Land
  6. Leasing Land with Conservation Easements and/or OPAVs
  7. Perspectives
  8. How an Attorney Can Help
  9. Additional Resources


  1. Lease-to-Own Written Agreement
  2. Long-Term Versus Short-Term
  3. Pros and Cons
  4. Special Considerations
  5. How An Attorney Can Help
  6. Additional Resources

2018 - United States - Vermont Law School. - Center for Agriculture and Food Systems
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