Feeding Options for Beef Cattle

Agriculture Victoria - Feeding Options for Beef Cattle

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A guide to the daily feed requirements of beef cattle is shown in this report along with the importance of determining a feed budget for your animals


This webpage was prepared specifically for the difficult seasonal conditions experienced during 1997 by farmers in south and west Gippsland and reviewed/updated by Nigel Strutt from the Northern Irrigation Region for the 2002 drought (or dry season). It may be necessary to supplement it with technical and personal advice relevant to individual circumstances.

A long dry summer followed by a late autumn break can result in producers going through winter with limited conserved fodder and limited available pasture. For producers with insufficient fodder to get through this winter a number of options are available.

  • sale of cattle
  • agist cattle off farm
  • use of nitrogen fertiliser
  • purchase of additional fodder eg. grain or hay

The key points covered in the report are determining feed requirements and daily stock requirements

  • Grazing management
  • Nitrogen fertiliser
  • Purchase of grain
  • Introducing grain to stock
  • Feedlots


In conclusion, the page suggests that for beef producers facing a feed shortage a range of options are available but the earlier the decisions are made the better (and usually the cheaper the outcome). Each farm situation is different and needs to be considered on its merits.

2002 - Australia - Agriculture Victoria - Feeding Options for Beef Cattle
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