First-time Cattle Ownership for the Small Landholder

Dept of Primary Industries WA

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Farm Table says:

The reasons behind your decision to invest in cattle will determine the breed, age, gender and number of animals you buy.  This page also provides a good overview on the other things you will need to consider.


This webpage has been produced by Dept of Primary Industries and Regional Development, WA and what you will need to consider before purchasing your first animals.

Cattle can be personally and financially rewarding but before getting into beef, small landholders need to consider whether themselves, their family and their farm are ready for a full-time bovine occupation.

Determining your motivation for wanting a herd (such as pasture management, financial gain or personal pleasure), your level of cattle knowledge and skills and the amount of time you have available will provide a sound starting point for making the correct decision

The key points covered include:

  1. your motivations
  2. choosing a breed
  3. knowledge and skills
  4. infrastructure
  5. dietary requirements
  6. animal identification and movement

In conclusion, they state that cattle can be personally and financially rewarding but before deciding on starting a beef enterprise, do your research. Consider the capabilities and limitations of both your farm and yourself and choose the best breed and enterprise structure for you.

Please note that they also advise that the content may be out of date and is currently under review.

2017 - Australia - Dept of Primary Industries WA
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