Flying farmers – Future Agriculture: Precision Farming with Microdrones


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Farm Table says:

Please note this report is written by Microdrones, which is a German based developer of drone applications. It is therefore quite salesy and offers grandiose statements.

This article opens by drawing upon a results from a survey conducted by the Technical University of Munich and the DLZ – agricultural magazine in 2014, which found that 80% of farmers in Germany use electronic documentation systems in crop production

Thus, “what seems like a scene of a James Bond movie is already daily routine for many farmers worldwide.”

This report from Microdrones provides an insight into existing application and an outlook into the future.

Uses of drones include:

  1. Precise Crop-Management
  2. Agricultural and Vineyard Automation: Pest Control
  3. UAV Supported Study of Soil
  4. Rescue Wild Animals
Germany - Microdrones
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