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Type: Case Study
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

The Lillicos aim is to have a healthy mineralised soil teeming with microbes which will naturally fix nitrogen from the air into the soil and create a fertile environment for their pastures.

This fact sheet is produced by Dairy Australia and looks at keeping an open mind to new ideas and different approaches to dairy farming through a case study on the property of John & Vicki Lillico, Hindlee Holsteins at Broadmeadows, Smithton.

The Lillicos have achieved a lot of ‘firsts’ in the dairy industry. They are always looking for better, smarter, more efficient ways to farm. In 2007, they began to focus on how they could improve the soil biology on their farm.

They key sections covered in regards to biological farming are:

  • conventional fertiliser use ‐ 2007
  • visual changes observed with biological farming
  • changes in fertilisers used
  • healthier pastures and animals

In conclusion, biological farming is a systems approach so many new approaches, equipment and products are being trialled with the goal of improving soil health, farm sustainability and production, while reducing input costs.

2011 - Australia - Dairy Australia
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