Gate Catches: Remote Operation

Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

Will be very helpful if trying to work out which gate catches will be the most effective for your property

What is the problem?

The operation and role of gate catches provide a wide result to the effectivity of a gate. Hence, it is convenient to use a gate catch that manages some distance away from the gate itself.

This paper is composed of brief explanations and diagrams that display various features and capacities of gate catches.

What did the research involve?

Through illustrations of diagrams and descriptions, the findings of the gate catches’ attributes are explained in this paper.

What were the key findings?

● Through an illustrated diagram, with the use of cables and cords, an appropriate gate and its catches suits to a working race. It illustrated that if hinged offset gate occurs, the gates swing to open when released.
● A gate at the end of the race is recommended to use a catch with spring loaded bolt. In this means, it allows the close and open of gates at the end of the race.
● On the other hand, a spring loaded catch that can be operated from the hinged of the gate is an appropriate use of a gate across a wide race or bugle.

Final Comment

With the use of appropriate cords and cables, gate catches can operate appropriately. Also, if the gate catches are well accorded to the gate or to the property or area of the operator, a convenient operation occurs and simultaneously benefits the efficient overall sheep handling.

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