Give seeds the best chance in a dry start – how to avoid fertiliser burn

Rob Norton, IPNI, Graeme Sandral, NSW DPI. - GRDC

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Farm Table says:

Use the seed damage calculator to check how much fertiliser to you can apply with seed through the same chute.  The dry lead in to 2018 winter sowing means last year’s strategy might not be safe this year.

This webpage has been created by GRDC and looks at why seeds can be damaged by fertiliser placed too close or at too high rates.

Dry soils increase the risk of harm to germinating seeds from fertilisers. Take extra care with fertiliser and seed placement this year.

The key points looked at on this webpage to achieve safe fertiliser rates with seeds include:

  • soil texture and condition
  • crop type
  • fertiliser type
  • Placement and machinery configuration
  • Fluid fertilisers


This article is a revision of the 2016 post Give seeds the best chance by avoiding fertiliser damage.

2018 - Australia - Rob Norton, IPNI, Graeme Sandral, NSW DPI. - GRDC
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