GM And $ Return/Mm Water In CQ

GRDC - Darren Aisthorpe (DAF QLD)

Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

The authors of this paper note in the conclusion: “The high fertility treatment is certainly one to watch, as we have seen some quite remarkable crop to crop responses, particularly around grain quality and establishment, which was not discussed in this paper. It is important to note the nutritional benefit of the manure has not been accounted for as yet within the N and P balance figures, however it is safe to assume that some benefit was to be expected after 60 t/ha was applied”.   Please access the full paper via the link below if this research interests you.

The take home messages from this GRDC funded research are below. Please access the full paper via the link below for methodology, references, acknowledgements and discussion.

Take home messages from the paper include:

  • Legume rotations don’t equate to free N or any other nutrient
  • Most profitable crop sequence has been chickpea/cereal rotation, but at what cost?
  • Manure application provide unexpected boosts and is turning up some unexpected benefits.


2018 - Australia - GRDC - Darren Aisthorpe (DAF QLD)
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