Are you a good farm leader?

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Farmers don’t often think of themselves as leaders, and yet they are. The farmer who chooses to be a leader has a large competitive advantage over those who choose not to lead, but rather manage.

This web page produced by Tim Schaefer for Farm Futures looks at the 5 principles you should adopt to be a good farm leader.

It states that employee management and leadership are often bottlenecks to farm growth and profitability. Your farm may only be able to grow as fast as your ability to lead.

Research has shown leadership is not for a select few with special qualities. Leadership can be learned by many and applied on your farm, including the founder as well as the next generation.

Leadership has been studied by many including researchers James Kouzes and Barry Posner, and they present five core principles every leader should adopt.

The key points include:

  • Leaders Model the traits and behaviors they expect from others.
  • Leaders Share the Vision of where the farm is going with everyone on the farm team
  • Leaders Challenge the status quo, are not stuck in the past, and are always looking for better ways to do things
  • Leaders Don’t Command & Control every last detail
  • Leaders Have a Heart and it shows with how they encourage and motivate everyone around them.

In conclusion, they ask the question as to where are your leadership skills right now? Where can you improve today?


June 2017 - United States - Tim Schaefer - Farm Futures
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