Good Stubble, Bad Stubble – More Profit, Less Profit

Central West Farming Systems - John Small

Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

This paper looks into 18 different trials undertaken by CWFS. Provides some really handy takeaway 'golden rules'.

The key take home messages in the report are:

  • CWFS regional site trials during 2013 and 2014 suggest stubble loads greater than 3 t/ha can limit yield.
  • “No till with no stubble is no good” on hard setting red brown soil types. The dilemma is that the annual incorporation of stubble just prior to sowing by cultivation or removal by burning would result in the loss of significant long term benefits to soil health.
  • “If you do not measure it you cannot manage it!” Field measurements of stubble are the starting point for deciding what to do.
  • Options to manage stubble loads above 3t/ha need to be made seasonally. Good planning may allow other agronomic and farm efficiency outcomes to be achieved at the same time.

2015 - Australia - Central West Farming Systems - John Small
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