Graduate Certificate in Co-operatives Management and Organisation

Newcastle University

Type: Course
Knowledge level: Intermediate

This course is run through the University of Newcastle.

The Graduate Certificate in Co-operatives Management and Organisation is the only program of its kind in Australia. Co-operatives, mutuals and member owned businesses (CMEs) have unique legal and economic characteristics that are much needed but have been neglected in the mainstream business and law curriculum.

A qualification in this field will provide you with an advantage if you are interested in pursuing a career in the member-owned (co-operatives and mutuals) and ‘for purpose’ (co-operatives and social enterprise) sectors.

The program will help you to understand the origins, principles and values, strengths and weaknesses of the co-operative business model. You will explore how this business model fits in relation to the sharing economy, and how it offers innovative solutions to solving economic, social and environmental challenges. You will:

  • Learn about co-operative law in Australia and some of the legal and regulatory barriers faced by co-operative businesses and recent steps taken to remove those barriers.
  • Build an in-depth understanding of social enterprises and new approaches to measure social impact.
  • Develop an understanding of organisational and technological innovation in the co-operative sector, such as platform co-operativism, seeking to use digital platforms to distribute rather than extract value from their members.
Australia - Newcastle University
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