Grazing (agistment) permits for travelling stock

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Farm Table says:

Need short-term relief and looking at agisting on stock routes in Qld? Read this article.

Did you know?

You must apply to your local government for an appropriate permit to move or graze stock on the stock route network.

When is a grazing (agistment) permit required?

To agist stock on:

  • stock routes
  • reserves for travelling stock
  • roads and other land under local government control.

How long?

  •  provide short-term relief while longer term strategies are put in place.
  • valid for a maximum of 7 days and cannot be renewed. P
  • permits for other stock are issued for a maximum for 28 days and can be renewed once only.

How much?

The fee range set by legislation is given below.

Type of stock Minimum fee per head per week Maximum fee per head per week
Large stock $1.12 inc GST $2.70 inc GST
Small stock $0.10 inc GST $0.42 inc GST

How to apply?

2016 - Australia - Queensland Government
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