Grazing land management decision support tool checklist


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Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

A great tool for producers to use in assisting them to make grazing and land use management decisions within their enterprise. Easy to use and interpret - what's not to like!

The decision support took checklist assists producers make management decisions around grazing strategies and land use within their enterprise.

  • The four decision support tools are:
  1. Forage
  2. VegMachine
  3. NRM Spatial Hub
  4. Stocktake Plus
  • The features include:
  1. Property-scale reports on climate, pasture, ground cover
  2. Ground cover report – easily explained
  3. Ground cover monitoring (satellite imagery)
  4. Evaluating management using historical satellite imagery
  5. Property mapping (GIS)
  6. Property infrastructure inventory
  7. Stock management & paddock records
  8. Forage budgeting
  9. Land Condition Monitoring
  10. Ground cover monitoring (in the paddock)


2017 - Australia - FutureBeef
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