Grazing Methods: Which one is for you?

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Some handy little pictures to introduce grazing methods.

This article introduces the following popular grazing methods:

Continuous Grazing:  animals are allowed to have unrestricted, uninterrupted access to a specific unit of land throughout the entire or part of the grazing season.

Grazing Methods Figure 1

Rotational Grazing: subdividing a large pasture into two or more smaller paddocks and grazing these paddocks in a planned sequence. This provides rest periods for plants while others are being grazed.

Grazing methods figure 2

Strip Grazing: utilizing a movable, electric fence to allot enough forage for a short time period and then moving the fence forward providing a new allocation of forage.

Grazing methods figure 3

Mob Grazing: also known as ultra-high density grazing – Mob grazing involves grazing a large concentration of livestock in a small area for a short duration.

Creep Grazing: when using the creep grazing method, younger animals have access to a pasture of higher quality forage through a creep gate.

Grazing methods figure 4

Forward Grazing or First-Last or Leader-Follower Grazing: 2 groups of livestock on a paddock, one following directly after the other. This method is often used to graze animals with higher nutritional needs (i.e. growing calves) first to allow them to selectively graze the more nutritious forages in a paddock.

Grazing methods figure 5

Multi-species Grazing: different livestock species are grazed on the same pasture as one herd or using the forward grazing method.

University of Kentucky - Master Grazer
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