Heat Detection


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Farm Table says:

Being able to correctly identify when a cow or heifer is in heat takes time to learn.  This webpage and resources describe what you should be looking for, whether you use aids (like tail paint or scratch off patches) or not.

This webpage was produced by DairyNZ and contains both information and additional resources on heat detection in dairy cows.  It discusses the benefit of heat detection in terms of milk production and reproductive performance of the herd, however the majority of the information is focussed on the interpretation of cow behaviour and the use of aids to assist in detection.

Key sections include:

  • Symptoms (pre-heat, in heat and post-heat);
  • Timing of detection;
  • Pre-mating heats;
  • Heat detection aids, including benefits and costs of each aid; and
  • Use of vasectomised bulls.

The additional resources include assessment sheets and skills checklists, heat detection policy (best practice), foundation skills for heat detection as well as techniques for application of heat detection aids.

In conclusion, this webpage is a great introduction to heat detection, how it is performed and what aids you can utilise to make identifying and detecting heats easier.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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