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Agriculture Victoria - Bruce Knee, Hamilton

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Farm Table says:

Great article on hints and tips for feeding beef cattle during various seasonal conditions and different feeding situations. I was surprised to learn the percentages of grain that beef cattle can consume per day, it was a lot less than I expected.

Informative article on feeding hints and tips for beef cattle during various seasonal conditions and types of enterprises.

The items covered in this article are:

  • Grain as feed
  • Introducing grain to cattle
  • Signs of grain sickness
  • Grain additives
  • Feeding frequency
  • Grain digestibility

Key points were as follows:

  • Grain is a common feed used in feedlotting, as part of a grazing strategy or as a sole feed during drought.
  • Grain must be introduced to cattle over time as overloading their diet with grain can cause grain poisoning and cause death. Start by getting cattle used to feeding from feed bunks or feeders and slowly increase the percentage of grain in the feed mix over several weeks so their bodies can adapt.
  • Signs of grain sickness are scouring or not interested in any feed.
  • Grain additives that can be used to assist counteract grain acidity sodium bicarbonate, sodium bentonite, limestone or sodium chloride (common salt). See article for ration quantities.
  • Feeding should be done every 1-2 days but not any longer than every 3 days.
  • Read the article for a full table on the digestibility of whole and processed grain for feeding beef cattle.
2006 - Australia - Agriculture Victoria - Bruce Knee, Hamilton
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