How Many Farmers Are Really Using Drones – And Who’s Flying?

Drone Life - Miriam McNabb

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Farm Table says:

US-based poll of farmers around the use of drone. Next step is for Farm Table to capture this data here in Australia!

This article on Drone Life reported the results of the US Farm Journal Pulse, which polls farmers twice a month with simple questions. 

Farmers answer anonymously and provide some interesting insights into a range of topics.

The question:

  • “Will you Use a Drone on Your Operation This Year?”

The results:

  • 1/3 of respondents said Yes
  • Most farmers are operating their own drones
  • 31% said they are not using drones now, but will consider for next year;
  • 37% say that they are not using drones and have no plans to do so.
  • Of the farmers who said that they do use drones, about 63% said they will operate the drone themselves. The remaining said that they will hire a 3rd party professional operator.
2017 - United States - Drone Life - Miriam McNabb
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