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Ask life-long farmer Anne Sprague about managing cattle with a Sky Muster™ connection.  She’ll tell you a story of much change to farming life.

Sky Muster™ is a lifeline for Anne and her husband. They run multiple cattle properties and lean heavily on their Internet connection for business and leisure.

Tracking their cattle from purchase (or birth) through to sale is the easiest it’s been in generations. And it’s all possible because the Sprague family have a reliable Internet connection.

Covered in this article

  • Effectively managing cattle stations with Sky Muster™
  • How Sky Muster™ enables compliance with the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS)
  • The art of cattle business on the Sprague family farm
  • Sky Muster™ = improved business efficiencies on the farm well beyond cattle movement
  • Getting connected with SkyMesh
  • Which internet plan is right for your farming business
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