How Tree Cropping Works

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Farm Table says:

Basic introduction to a potential source of alternative income.

What is the problem?

This paper entailed how crop planting can effectively work through an appropriate set of actions.

What did the research involve?

It involved several methods and suggestions in actuating the tree planting and getting the favorable results in the long run.

What were the key findings?

  1. A site assessment is conducted to develop a plan on what land area will be used, what are the growing trees on it, what is the soil condition, and what is the terrain on it.
  2. Escort a woodlot management expertise from the forestry services or agriculture center available in the area to be relevantly recommended.
  3. Appropriate selection of trees in regards to the information gathered about the area.
  4. The planting must be appropriately scheduled. However, the most suitable season to plant tree is fall because of the moistened soil and often wetter periods due to late fall and winter will lessen the trees’ need for water. The plan must be made in a season or two before the actual plantation.
  5. Preparing the site is also necessitated because a clean-up, further soil cultivation, erosion susceptibility eradication, and soil organic matter content improvement may be done for healthier trees.
  6. Figuring out and laying out the trees is with appropriate measurements are also vital. Recommendations from a local or state forester can also be helpful.
  7. In finally planting the soil, deep sowing, checking the trees near the base and for the water supply.
  8. Protecting the trees from wildlife pressure may be utilized with tree tubes.
  9. Planting the tree is not the last step in effective crop planting, maintaining the crop and regular monitoring is one of the most optimum necessities.

Final comment

There are many ways and conditions to be considered to produce an effective tree planting. This method is just an initial step or introduction for proper handling. The specific considerations for the grower’s state can be provided by an expertise in the field.

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