Improve Production From Native Pastures


Native perennial grasses are an excellent way to increase your stock performance in the long term. These summer active plants respond beautifully after rainfall, providing quality green fodder on low fertility or acidic soil conditions!

A native pasture is any pasture where native grasses are the dominant perennial species.

Encouraging native perennial grasses in existing pastures will have the benefits of:

  • Improved ground cover and soil stability
  • Weed competition with high persistence
  • Low input grazing systems
  • Increased water use to reduce groundwater recharge
  • Improved soil structure and organic matter
  • Reduced soil acidification rate
  • Species diversity

Read about methods of pasture management to improve productivity in your livestock, which involves learning about your soil type, fertility, pasture composition and fertilising.

See the results from various trial sites of native and non-native pasture mixes and dry matter production on various levels of elevation and comparisons of low-level sites with rocky inclinations and top paddocks.

2014 - EverGraze
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