Improving Management of Rangeland Goats

John Pitt, PIRSA - Meat & Livestock Australia

Type: Research Paper
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Farm Table says:

The profitable production of rangeland goat meat in South Australia is determined by many factors, some of which have cause or effect determined by legislation, regulations and policies, while others do not.

Improving the profitable and sustainable management of rangeland goats in South Australia

What is the problem?

Rangeland goats are a declared pest species in South Australia and are not recognised as an approved livestock species on SA Pastoral Lease areas under current legislation, regulations and Government policies.

The annual supply of rangeland goats for sale and slaughter in South Australia is characterised by large fluctuations in numbers, quality and size presenting issues for processors and reduced returns at the farm gate.

What did the research involve?

In this report legislation, regulations and current policies

  • that influence the profitable production of rangeland goat meat in South Australia are identified, reviewed and discussed in the context of rangeland goat capture, holding, handling and transportation for commercial purposes
  • resulted in the identification of several specific requirements in terms of the holding and non-release of rangeland goats that impose constraints on landholders with consequential negative impacts to the goat meat industry

What were the key findings?

This report recommends modification to government policy and legislation to facilitate improved management of rangeland goats and their impacts by:

  • above all, ensuring that rangeland biodiversity and sustainable pastoral production are improved through better management of rangeland goat impacts
  • allowing for the development of infrastructure better suited to the management and utilisation of rangeland goats
  • clarifying legal ownership of rangeland goats and better defining responsibilities for their management
  • permitting the sustainable farming and husbandry of rangeland goats where suitable infrastructure, monitoring and planning is in place on Pastoral Lease areas

Final comment

The commercial utilisation of rangeland goats in South Australia is seriously constrained by existing legislation, regulations and government policies. These constraints primarily relate to limitations of actions that can be undertaken with regard to rangeland goats, such as the non-release of unmarketable animals, time and area constraints for the holding of captured animals, and the definition of ‘ownership’ of goats.

2014 - Australia - John Pitt, PIRSA - Meat & Livestock Australia
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