Individual Cow Calving Health Tool


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Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

Straight-forward instructions showing you how to compare your herd health records to benchmark rates, and how improving the rates can improve herd performance.

This tool is produced by Dairy NZ and assesses the numbers of cows affected by common health problems at and after calving and their impact on herd reproductive performance.

It allows you to measure the gap between the herd’s actual and expected rate of common health problems associated with calving, including difficult calvings, stillborn calves, retained foetal membranes, vaginal discharges, lameness and mastitis.  It requires you to use past records of cow health problems to calculate the percentage of cows affected and estimate the likely economic impact.

To use this tool, work through the fact sheet’s four basic steps:

  1. Measure;
  2. Identify the gap;
  3. Assess the benefits; and
  4. Develop and implement a strategy.

It also includes basic information on common health programs and ‘normal’ percentages of instances of health problems that you can use to calculate your herd’s performance.

After following the tool through, you will be able to estimate the likely effect of closing the health gap by increasing 6-week in-calf rates and decreasing empty rates.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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