Influence of loose lick supplement on the growth rate of lambs grazing stubbles

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Type: Research Paper
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Farm Table says:

This research finds that lambs grazing on cereal stubbles achieve higher growth rates when given access to loose lick supplements than those grazing on stubbles without supplement.

The researchers ask the following question:

What role do they have on the growth rates of lambs grazing stubbles given that these can vary from dry feed with a grain component to stubbles with either actively growing or stressed volunteer plants?

What did the research involve?

  • 63 lambs September drop, White Suffolk lambs averaging 37 Kg that had been raised and weaned on Lucerne
  • Vaccinated and drenched at weaning and 3 weeks later, split into 2 groups and rotated through the available stubbles
  • Supplement provided was a commercially available product
    • Salt 28%
    • Urea 2.5%
    • Molasses 2%
    • Calcium 12%
    • Magnesium 8%
    • Sulphur 3.3%
    • Phosphorus 3.2 %
    • Potassium 0.2%

What were the key results?

2017 - Australia - Clear View Consultancy - FarmLink
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