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The ultimate aim of this web portal is to support the growth of high-value crops and enterprises that are well-suited to a particular irrigation district.


This web portal developed by the Tasmanian Government provides a range of tools and information to help farmers and potential investor​s to develop their irrigation businesses.

Mapping technology has classified land according to its suitability for various agricultural enterprises. This is complemented by gross margin and financial analysis tools, market information, market research and irrigation fact sheets.

The information provided aims to help reduce the potential production, financial and environmental risks from irrigation development.

They key subjects are:

  • Enterprise Suitability Toolkit
    Enterprise Suitability Maps will assist farmers and potential investors to answer the question: what can I grow where?
  • Farm Business Planning Tools
    Gross Margin Analysis templates allow comparisons to be made between potential enterprises and to assist with the question: how profitable are my potential enterprise options?
  • Market Opportunities
    This Market Information portal houses the latest information on market prices and trends.
  • Irrigation Technology & Farm Management Information
    Information to assist Tasmanian irrigators looking to learn more about setting up irrigation systems as well as maximising their irrigation management.
  • Regional Profiles
    Potential investors an overview of an irrigation-prepared local area, including demographic, climatic and infrastructure information
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